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When we think of olympic athletes, we always imagine strong heroes, tough and muscular like titans. Or we think of regal women, so strong that they could easily have names as tough as their muscles.
An athlete is an invincible being.
When we imagine kids, we see sweet little people, screaming, laughing and playing, always inside a territory that is far from that of discipline and perfection, because being a kid is being imperfect.
I think we have all been kids, and I say that because I'm not sure if everyone has been through that, where one is a kid. It's a place that has nothing to do with age, located in a part of existence that is not a calendar.
Being a kid is in a place where clumsiness is stronger, and the unfinished, fantasy, tenderness, chocolate and superheroes reign.
These are the kids that look at you with defiance, little people that fly to perfection little girls that only have two dolls, but that instead of playing with them, they use them to jump into the void, kids that prefer to be heroes and train for that, to dilute the perfect with the tender and melt the chocolate with their muscles.
"Ultrakids" is a series of photographs where kids are heroes and perfect, they defy gravity and control their body better than their videogames, they're portraits of kids that look like regal types, and of girls that look at us like tough people.
Ultrakids that fly without wings and become adults in each jump and with each muscle.
9 invincible heroes ready to play.